"Thank you for your excellent customer service - working with both my husband and my dad. My husband is very excited to get his projects underway, and I know if he needs more wood in the future, he will certainly call you. Thanks again."

- Jolene, Fort St John, BC

"When I arrived home from work today, I peeked under the plastic transport cover used for shipping the wood. Even with such a fleeting glimpse, I am delightfully satisfied with the boards you selected for this project. First of all, they are very straight and quite dry. This speaks to your fine storage and selection process you maintain at your location in Coalhurst. Kudos to you. Also, the grain is quite fine. This indicates that mature trees were milled for this product. I expect some of the boards to display 20 rings per inch during the re-sawing process! To some, this density of rings in cedar may mean very little. To me, the higher the ring density the better the quality displayed on the hull. Hopefully the WRCLA has ensured sustainable forestry practices in the same forest district where this harvest occurred allowing for more of the same harvest in the future.

Particulars: I found only one knot on a single short board and then none through the remaining 8’s. I also found two knots on a couple of 12’s. I should be able to work around these minor blemishes by scarfing at the knot removal points. This should not present a problem for the build at all.

I will use bookmatching of sister strips to plank the canoe on each side of the hull. This method will design symmetry into the hull colours when viewed from either side. I am certain that the bookmatch method (using Prairie Cedar wood) will result in a canoe that has a dazzling effect on both the eyes and the heart.

Thank you very much for your fine cedar product. I look forward to doing business with you again in the near future."

- John Hidber, Edmonton

"I should show you the gable end with the shingle work and the brackets. The look with the "Eco wood" stuff is great. I put a coat on every surface before applying anything. Finally finished my siding-insulation project. Have a look. I'm really happy with it and the cedar was beautiful stuff. All right, thanks for everything and until such time as I build a porch, I'm done. "

- Alex Ponteix in S.W. Sask

"I was building our Gift and Garden Centre and one of my farm machinery salesmen stopped by to see what I was up to. I was working on the landscaping and told him I still had fences, pergolas and a big front entry gate structure to build. He said they just got finished building a big cedar fence around one of their facilities in Coronation. They used cedar from Prairie Cedar at Coalhurst. He said it was beautiful cedar and that I should call Prairie Cedar and talk to them. So I called, told them about my ideas and sent some sketches. They took the time to improve on my sketches and walk me through building the structures.

The bottom line is the product is excellent; the people make you feel like you have known them all your life. The service is great and they are the only place that I have found that will get the large cedar products such as 6" X 12" posts. The only disappointment is that Prairie Cedar is over 500 KM away and it takes me 10 hours to get there and back."

- Brian Carter, B. Carter Enterprises Ltd., Provost, AB

"I have been buying building supplies from Prairie Cedar for a number of years now. I am a firm believer in quality and only doing the job once, which is why I love working with cedar. The supplies that I receive from Prairie Cedar are of the best quality and prices. I enjoy the personalized service and respect that only a local business can provide. The staff at Prairie Cedar is extremely passionate about what they do, and it shows through their work. From ordering materials to designing blue prints to providing exceptional service, they are very helpful and always go the extra mile to ensure that my projects go according to plan. For anyone that is passionate about great service and building long lasting projects, I would recommend visiting Prairie Cedar."

- Brennan Campbell, Camco Fencing & Lawns, Coaldale, AB