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“Cedar Lumber & Building Solutions”

Prairie Cedar was founded by a builder who understood the unique properties of western red cedar and the many practical applications for cedar in our demanding Southern Alberta climate. Established with the intent of making cedar more readily available, Prairie Cedar has become a major supplier of cedar lumber and cedar building supplies for all of Southern Alberta.

At Prairie Cedar we take great care in maintaining a large selection of  good quality cedar building materials.  Visit our store & showroom for product information an examples of most common cedar building materials. Our staff is trained and WRCLA certified. Inventory includes a full selection of major patterns, grades and sizes. Posts, beams, timbers, boards and dimensional lumber, fencing materials, decking materials, pattern stock, siding profiles and cedar shakes – all standard stock items.

Custom and ready-made yard and garden structures including cedar gazebos and cedar sheds are also available by special order.

And to help you get the most out of your experience working with western red cedar,  you can always rely on Prairie Cedar for accurate information and insights on all aspects of building with western red cedar.

About Cedar

Because of its stability and longevity, cedar is an outstanding building material to construct fences, decks, pergolas and outdoor structures. With its unique natural preservative, cedar is preferred in high-demand applications where, moisture, humidity, extreme heat or dramatic temperature changes are a factor (near sprinklers, pools, greenhouses, hot tubs, saunas, underground, etc.).

Because of its appearance, cedar is heavily used in a visual context. It’s longevity, combined with real natural beauty, make cedar a preferred building material for authentic wood features and accents on homes. Cedar is used to create dramatic entryways, exterior post and timber features, interior and exterior accents, and a variety of trim effects.

Cedar is a sound environmental choice. Renewable by nature, grown through sustainable forestry and fully reclaimable, cedar wood carries a light footprint; much lower than many other construction materials. It requires relatively little energy to produce and no chemicals for preservation.

Wood structures are healthier for occupants and require less energy to build and operate. Wood products are associated with low greenhouse gas emissions over their lifetime. Wood is thought by many to be the only major building material with a negative carbon footprint: Not only do trees store carbon and produce oxygen, wood products extend the cycle by storing the carbon dioxide for decades. Sustainable forestry or reforestation further reduces our carbon footprint as carbon absorption is greatest when trees are young and growing vigorously. For more information, visit www.PlanetFriendlyCanada.com

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Our design philosophy:
Clarity of function before locking in your final design (the form) can greatly enhances long term durability (budget).