General Project Information


  • Form – what will it look like
  • Function – how well will it work
  • Engineering – what are the structural requirements

Concepts & Design Considerations addresses the first two – the features and attributes of your project.  Technical Details addresses the third element, structural aspects – helpful in specifying type, size, or context for materials required.

Projects are listed with associated factors that help determine basic design elements.  It is paramount to address detailed structural requirements once the basic design is confirmed.  Local building codes can be an immeasurable aid in ensuring these requirements are met.

Standards have been established for many aspects of these projects.  Our staff is experienced and knowledgeable.  They can help you get the best value, make the process easier and help you reduce construction time and cost.

Under the following project categories, we offer some helpful tools to assist you in assessing your needs. From there, our staff will gladly assist you  to help complete a material take-off for your project.