Home Interior Projects

The natural warmth and beauty of cedar really lends itself well to accentuate and define your interior living space.  Cedar is a fantastic product for feature walls, accentuates and beautifies structural elements, and is well suited to natural wood ceilings.  Its natural stability delivers excellent long term performance guaranteeing enjoyment for many years.

Cedar paneling, mouldings and trim boards are available in Clear or Knotty grade categories. Clear grades, typically supplied with a smooth finish, provide a more formal appearance. Knotty grades can be supplied with a rough or smooth texture and are popular for their sense of casual comfort.


The rich beauty of cedar’s natural colors can be enhanced or modified by applying any of a number of commercial finishes.

  • Bleached finishes result in a sun-bleached driftwood effect.  This can be achieved with a commercial bleaching agent.  Afterwards, the cedar can be left or finished with a clear sealer.
  • Clear lacquer can be used for smooth surfaces. It is a discreet finish that retains cedar’s natural beauty.
  • Transparent finishes define the grain and darken cedar slightly.

Acoustical Properties

Western Red Cedar dampens vibrations – an effective acoustical property – particularly when it is desired to reduce or confine sound.

General Information