Sauna Projects

A Sauna provides one of the healthiest ways to relax and cleanse our bodies.  In some cultures, saunas are quite literally a way of life.  They provide a healthy alternative for many forms of personal relaxation and body cleansing.

Western Red Cedar is the material of choice for saunas as it withstands years of usage in various conditions. The stability and low shrinkage rate of Cedar maintain shape and form even in high moisture environments.  Aside from the beauty of Western Red Cedar’s color and structure, its high insulation value captures the heat inside for better circulation while its low thermal conductivity leave it comfortable to the touch.  In addition, cedar easily suppresses and absorbs sound to create a comfortable and relaxing ambience.

Sauna Building – Concept & Design Considerations

  • Indoor vs. outdoor is typically a matter of personal preference
  • Size and space requirements are primarily defined by common number of users.
  • Change room requirements depend on where the sauna is to be situated.
  • Showers and drains are optional features.
  • Configuration is commonly defined by the available space; however, it is recommended to incorporate a two tier bench system to fully utilize varying heat zones.
  • Full length benches allow occupants to lie down and relax while enjoying their sauna.
  • Venting and fresh air intakes while absolutely essential do not usually require exceptional provisions.

Sauna building – Technical Elements

  • Always use foil underneath wall paneling to reflect heat back into the room.
  • Use knot free (clear) cedar to avoid user discomfort from heat transfer through knots.
  • Designing your room with a 7 foot ceiling optimizes heat zone use within the sauna.
  • Size your Sauna heating capacity specifically to the cubic footage of the room.
  • Heating element must be timed-safety feature facilitating auto shut down after a period of use.
  • Doors must have a roller type safety latch to prevent door from getting locked accidentally.
  • Incorporating adjustable air intakes and exhausts will allow you to optimize performance.
  • Proper installation and use of the fixtures within the sauna room will substantially enhance your experience and the responsiveness of your sauna.