Shed & Greenhouse Projects

Imagine a charming backyard garden retreat, the perfect pool side cabana, an attractive playhouse for all ages, or simply an eye-catching storage solution. No matter their use, cedar garden sheds blend well with their surroundings.

Prebuilt Garden Sheds packages are strong, durable, and attractive and are available in many different styles and sizes.

Shed packages are designed so that you don’t have to be a professional carpenter to assemble them; however, limited carpentry skills are recommended.  All sheds come as complete units including floor, cedar shingles and hardware.

Please note that it is important to properly prepare and level the foundation to ensure the proper construction and assembly of your new cedar shed.

Various sheds designs provide numerous options.  For example, the Rancher comes with 50” wide double door, great for accommodating large items such as a riding mower or motorcycle; non-functional window, shutters and a window box.  Alternately, the Haida offers a terrific and affordable way to experience outdoor living, making a perfect studio, privacy retreat, office, or pool side cabana.  It comes with two half awning windows and a 36” solid cedar door.


Grow your own organic vegetables. Start summer flowers from a seedling. It’s all so much easier with a greenhouse. Cedar is a natural fit. It is beautiful, durable and contains no harmful additives. Western Red Cedar, like gardening itself, is life affirming. In other words it looks after itself, remaining sound, solid and beautiful for decades.

Western Red Cedar contains natural oils that resist moisture decay and infestation by wood boring insects, helping your greenhouse stand the test of time. Cedar absorbs and rapidly releases moisture with minimal shrinkage or expansion.

Its rich and variegated colouring ranges from pale saffron to deep honeyed ochre that, over the years, gives way to an attractive patina of silvery grey. In fact, nothing grows old more gracefully than western red cedar.

A greenhouse that looks after itself; it retains heat yet is a good insulator, so compared to aluminum or plastic alternatives, Cedar Greenhouses tend to be warmer in winter and cooler in summer. This unique quality provides a natural thermostat within your greenhouse that can be used to aid the growth and continued development of your plants.

Our Western Red Cedar is sourced from properly managed Canadian forests in British Columbia, where natural regeneration and reforestation programmes ensure a perpetual harvest.

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